Real Equity Advisors, Inc. based in Rancho Santa Fe California is excited to announce the offering of exclusive tenant representation services for those seeking rental properties in the North County coastal San Diego area. Much unlike the ‘for sale’ real estate market, the rental market is fragmented. Information is scattered across many different sources and is often outdated or incorrect. Our team of skilled house-hunters assists clients first by organizing a thorough search across the spectrum of potential sources. This includes not only sifting through the noisy multitude of consumer facing websites but accessing MLS records, offline materials, mining personal networks and contacting off market properties with a likelihood to rent. Through these efforts our clients not only save time, but are assured the access to capitalize on the best opportunities.

Once we identify a potential property fit, our team goes about gathering comparative rental information and negotiating on our clients’ behalf for the best possible lease terms. We manage all application procedures as well as lease documentation to ensure our clients’ best interest is protected throughout their time in the property.

Many renters often underestimate the potential for complexity and liability in a lease transaction. The tendency is to assume there is no need for representation, or that the landlord’s agent will also look out for them. The truth is, tenants benefit greatly from hiring a professional; both in the timely access to quality options, and in the protection of their interests throughout the transaction. It is unfortunately all too common for tenant/landlord relationships to go bad because of poor definition of terms up front. Real Equity Advisors’ affordable service is well worth it to anyone who wants to be sure they have the highest quality experience in their rental from start to finish.

With all of the resources in one place and a team of professionals eager to help, the only questions you need to ask yourself are where you want to live, what is your price range, and when do you need to move? If you plan to be in the market for a rental in North County coastal San Diego give us a call or come stop by our office at 6119 La Granada, Rancho Santa Fe Ste C. We can make your life easier!

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