Cruising through the swtich-backs of Rancho Santa Fe, you will find no telephone wires and vast acreage of orchards upon private property. With the water restrictions increasing more each day, the citizens of the area seek nothing more than to provide fresh food from their trees and in search of new sites that can best fit their picking-priorities!
Efforts from the Senior Gleaners have offered a solution to eliminate food going to waste (when they drop from the trees and spoil), and feed the local food banks. The community of seniors around San Diego County are fresh with motivation to bring a vibrant array of fruits to the hungry, maintain the health of your trees, and help eliminate some of your yard work tasks.
If you have an non-commercial orchard that you are looking to provide an extra benefit to the community, call the Senior Gleaners at 619.633.9180 or email Here is a recent Press Release that went out about the Senior Gleaners of San Diego County:

Press Release:

Senior Gleaners of San Diego County
1363 Somermont Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92021
For more information: Monte Turner 503-364-1542

June 19, 2015

For immediate release

Gleaners urgently need spare fruit to feed hungry residents

Volunteers who pick fruit to feed the hungry have an urgent need for sites to glean spare fruit from backyard gardens and farms in order to continue to supply churches and food pantries that distribute the produce.

“Usually at this time of year, we have six or eight donors scheduled where we can pick, but currently we have only one,” said Elaine Hiel, the Senior Gleaners volunteer who coordinates picking. “Maybe people who have donated in the past have cut back watering or had less productive crops due to the drought,” Hiel said. “We particularly can use oranges and lemons,” she added.

Hiel noted that donating saves the homeowner the work of picking and disposing of extra fruit. Donors receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes. To schedule a crew of Gleaners, call 619-633-9180 or e-mail:

Since 1992, Senior Gleaners volunteers aged 55 or more have gleaned tons of produce throughout the county. They currently supply more than a dozen local agencies at no cost. Besides gleaning produce, the group daily collects damaged or outdated products donated by grocers and food services.

According to the San Diego Hunger Coalition, nearly 500,000 county residents do not have access at all times to enough food for an active, healthy life. “Our recipient organizations particularly appreciate our donations of fresh, local produce, so they can promote good nutrition,” Hiel said.

Besides donations of produce and grocery items, the organization needs volunteers to assist with picking and collection as well as handle administrative tasks. The Senior Gleaners of San Diego County is a certified non-profit organization affiliated with the San Diego County Office of Aging and Independent Services.

If you would like to volunteer as a Senior Gleaner, they are looking for those too! 

By gleaning gardens and farms and by salvaging damaged or outdated products donated by grocers, Senior Gleaners provide food at no charge for the neediest segments of our community.
Every truck driven, loaded and unloaded; every food container sorted and delivered; each administrative task is performed by volunteers.


 We need volunteers to:

 Glean from gardens, farms and stores.

 Sort food.

 Drive vans or trucks.

 Help with administrative tasks such as

phoning, record keeping, coordinating work teams, serving on the governing board.

Other special needs:

 Permanent warehouse space at low or no cost.

 Donated small trucks or vans.

 Repair and maintenance of trucks and vans.

 Picking equipment such as ladders, clippers, picking poles, bags, etc.


Mail tax-deductible checks to support our work to:

Senior Gleaners 1181 Zurich Dr. San Diego, CA 92154

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