Luxury Real Estate Agents Changing The Brokerage Landscape

Headquartered in the historic village of Rancho Santa Fe, Real Equity Advisors is an independent residential real estate brokerage on a mission to redefine expectations of service in the luxury market. “There is significant pressure on the role of residential real estate brokers today,” says the firm’s president, Adam Roark. “My grandfather was a real estate agent and it’s amazing to look at the fundamental changes our industry has undergone since his time in the business… particularly with the constant inundation of information brought on by the internet.”

“In my grandfather’s time, the crux of the challenge for realtors was to obtain information in a timely way and facilitate its flow to their clients. Today, information is everywhere. Our clients don’t need more data. The vital service of today’s broker is to assist clients in curating the mountain of information so they can focus their precious time on the right opportunities and execute. Furthermore, clients today, especially in luxury markets, benefit greatly from a brokerage that will not only connect them with a home, but with a lifestyle.”

Enter the Real Equity Advisors team. The foundation of their operation is traditional in that it offers services to clients trying to sell or purchase a home, but their robust offering only begins here. “Oftentimes a client selling their home isn’t ready to purchase something immediately,” says Jamie Danielle, Sr. Vice President of the firm. “While it’s true we do apply a massive effort in preparing a home for sale and designing a marketing strategy far in advance of the actual listing, our work doesn’t end when the transaction is complete. We help our clients in every aspect of the transition out of their homes, from providing moving service referrals to locating and negotiating temporary leased housing as needed. We handle the big things like managing an escrow to ensure proper disclosure and timelines are met, but we also handle the little things, like calling utility companies on behalf of our clients or even returning cable boxes!”

With Real Equity Advisors, the concept of “Redefining Service” is much more than just a slogan. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to deliver unprecedented value to their clients. An additional aspect of this commitment has been the recent hire of their Client Services Manager, Ashtynne Calvert. Ashtynne and her team are tasked with managing a number of luxury residences throughout Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding areas. “Many residents of Rancho Santa Fe only live here part of the year,” says Ashtynne. “Big homes on large parcels have the potential for equally big problems. Having someone local on call 24 hours a day to handle basic maintenance issues, coordinate vendors and communicate with neighbors helps our clients feel connected to their home, even when they can’t be physically here. Our fee–based home management service also helps our clients enjoy the lifestyle they want when they are in town. No task is too big or detail too small. Whether we’re coordinating floral arrangements or grocery deliveries, personal chefs, housekeepers, vehicle rentals or even pre–arranging logs in the fireplace, our singular goal is to be sure the client’s stay is memorable and leaves them looking forward to the next visit!”

With long standing backgrounds in brokerage services, estate staffing and home management, the team at Real Equity Advisors is perfectly positioned to wow the most demanding clientele. Said Adam, “We aren’t content to do things the way everyone else has always done them, and our clients are thanking us for it!” Speaking to the team, their sincerity is clear. Looking at some significant deals they’ve put together in their inaugural year (including an $8 million sale turned management client) may be the best indicator that clients are indeed responding to the team’s mission. Looking ahead they’re not only excited to continue growing (they just acquired additional office space last month for more agents), but to continue to find even more ways to bring exceptional value to their clients and their community.

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