Every community has a central meeting point, a place where everyone, regardless of what they do or what part of town they live in, can come together at, and revel in the great place they all call home. That’s what the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center offers to the Rancho Santa Fe community. The purpose of the center is to make living in Rancho Santa Fe the best experience it can be.

The center strives capture the essence of the spirits and belief system of the community through the wide array of events, services and recreational programs they offer. It’s about more than just bringing people in; it’s about what they’re going to leave with when they exit. No matter how young or old, there is something for everyone of the schedule, so no one feels left out.

The center is a non-profit organization, so one of the most important aspects of what they do is fund-raise with the community members they are working so hard for. The commitment of the center remains firmly in building a diversified, inclusive community for all of Rancho Santa Fe, and they do that through the generosity of the people around them. Integrity, respect, inclusiveness, adaptability, safety, loyalty and unity are just a few of the main principles the center strives to achieve each and every day.

How they do that is with many programs run by the center employees and various volunteers. Junior Dunkers is available for both boys and girls, where they can learn to play basketball in a fun and safe environment. Moms and tots offers a play date for local moms and their babies, so the young ones can get to know one another and the moms can interact and share stories and tips about raising a family in Rancho Santa Fe. Youth programs, like the winter session and day camps, brings kids from all age groups together and gives them a safe place to play and interact with the community.

Activities like ice skating and bowling, plus field trips to local parks and science centers are all on the agenda in the young program calendar. More adult events like a themed Fantasy Gala, golf tournament and poker tournament are also happening at the community center, proof that age isn’t a factor when it comes to including everyone in Rancho Santa Fe.

Every community needs a meeting place that brings everyone together. That is the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. Its rich history within the community, and the core values it strives to uphold on a daily basis are what make it so important, and it’s the families, friends and neighbors who step through its doors that make it special. At Real Equity Advisors, Inc. we are proud to have a partnership with the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center and look forward to meeting members of the center!

Rancho Santa Fe Community Center

5970 La Sendita

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

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