The San Diego rental market has kicked into high gear. With the spawn of companies like VRBO and Airbnb, homeowners are finding it easy to capitalize on the San Diego vacation rental market. Making it increasingly more difficult for renters to secure long-term leases in desirable areas.  To find a rental one must allow time to check Craigslist, Zillow, Hot Pads and other sites and to be efficient almost on an hourly basis. Being first to respond makes all the difference and with hundreds of people looking for rentals the market is hyper-competitive. Another option is cruising the neighborhoods looking for For Rent signs, which a lot of other people are privy too as well. This may sound overwhelming and like a ton of work! In all reality it is, you must be prepared to devote a good amount of you time and energy to the search. So, with all this work why not consider hiring a professional brokerage to do it for you, just as you would when looking to sell or buy a home.

Recently, Real Equity Advisors had the opportunity to assist a couple who had relocated from New York in finding a North County Coastal long-term term rental.  They were living out of a hotel and on a short timeline, hoping to secure a home before their plans to leave the country for the holidays. In the urgency to find them a home, we decided to use unconventional methods in our search. We looked on the MLS, which did not produce much of a result so we decided to another angle and look through the recent expired listings and see if a homeowner might consider renting. In addition we also used traditional search methods on multiple real estate platforms, frequently checking all of the sites to see if anything new had come up. We drove the Coastal neighborhoods from Leucadia to Del Mar in search of For Rent signs, reached out to local property management companies and posted all over social media.  The results were promising but after showing multiple properties they just weren’t happy with what was out there…too small, too dated and too close to the highway. This search was time consuming and challenging but we kept our eye on the goal and did not loose momentum. Then we came up with an idea to contact listings on vacation rental sites and see if maybe homeowners would be interested in a long term lease. We contacted over 30 properties which met our criteria, most of the homeowners said no or came back with an exorbitant monthly rent. Finally we struck gold,  we got a call from a homeowner who was relocating to the LA area and did not want the burden of maintaining a vacation rental. The home was perfect, everything our clients were looking for; location above Swami’s with ocean views, newly upgraded appliances, a fireplace and priced within their budget.  They decided to go for it, sight unseen! The homeowner was a pleasure to work with and just as happy to have the relief of long-term tenants as our clients were to find their perfect dream home.

We definitely had luck on our side but just as the saying goes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. The challenge of this opportunity taught us a lot about thinking outside the box and standing behind our word when we say we give World-Class Service.  We were happy to go the extra mile and show what our brokerage is made of through dedication, creativity and our standards of service.

In gratitude we are happy to share this kind note we received from our clients:


Dear Jamie,

As we left we printed a page with the Cardiff address and wrapped it as Christmas present for our kids and their partners to invite them to enjoy San Diego with us. We are more than certain that everyone will be thrilled.

We want to communicate how thankful we are to you for finding this very special place for us. In addition to the satisfaction of finding this treasure, we were very pleased with your real estate practice, your understanding of what we liked, creative research, dedication and professional services.

We are also very happy on a personal basis with the opportunity to have met you, contributing to building a great memory of our move to California.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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