The Helen Woodward Animal Center was established in 1972, and renamed for its founder in 1987. It was originally established as the San Dieguito Animal Center but after it was renamed it began to branch into wider animal activities. The animal center covers 12 acres in Rancho Santa Fe and offers many services for local animals and their owners.

As an animal center, the first priority of the Helen Woodward Animal Center is pet adoptions. The center offers adoptions of cats and dogs, as well as kittens and puppies. They pride themselves on the high standard of care the animals receive when they are in the facility and no animal is adopted out in less than stellar health. Pet adoptions from the Helen Woodward Animal Center are from animals that have been moved to the center from other facilities.

They do not accept strays or surrendered animals, instead moving these animals to facilities that are designed to care for them. This center acts as an overflow center for animal adoption centers from the surrounding areas. They also have a small animal hospital that provides excellent routine and acute care for pets in the community.

Many people find that when they adopt an animal through the Helen Woodward Animal Center that they have found their vet and continue to come to the animal center for routine care for their adopted animal throughout its life. Additionally, the Helen Woodward Animal Center provides boarding services. This is helpful for locals who need to travel or otherwise need to find a temporary place for their animals to live. The facility’s high level of quality care carries through to the boarding area and owners are comfortable leaving their pets because they know they will be well cared for.

At the Helen Woodward facility in Rancho Santa Fe, they are also heavily involved in pet therapy, and operate both a therapy outreach program using pets as well as therapeutic horseback riding for the disabled. These programs allow those in the community who have outstanding needs to get the help and comfort that only animals can provide. Pet therapy programs are shown to have a beneficial effect on sufferers of mental health and physical health disorders.

As part of their outreach efforts, they created the “Home 4 the Holidays” campaign which seeks to encourage people to adopt shelter animals for Christmas presents instead of going to a breeder. This campaign has partne

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